WPMU DEV - CoursePress Pro 2.0.7

CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.

Last Update:Apr 24, 2017 at 5:43 PM      
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  1. 2.0.7

    • Added: New "Paid" column on course list table.
    • Added: Email validation on CoursePress signup form.
    • Added: A sample course to fresh CoursePress installation.
    • Added: No visible units message info.
    • Added: Ability to sort by title for course_list shortcode.
    • Added: Instructors notification for new enrolled students.
    • Added: Text color option for basic certificate.
    • Improved: Description on settings page.
    • Improved: Compatibility with Avada theme....

    • Fixed: HTML and entities issue on unit editor.
    • Fixed: Preview button.

    • Fixed: Remove vulnerability to view any module.
    • Fixed: Prerequisite Courses problem with access to next course.
  4. 2.0.6

    • Added: Redirect to login page for guest users.
    • Added: Number of failed attempts at student assessment.
    • Added: Validation for user related functions to avoid processing when there is no logged user.
    • Improved: Change "Duration" to "Time Limit" label.
    • Improved: Unify all TinyMCE editors CP instance.
    • Improved: Process of saving answers.
    • Improved: Required unit message.
    • Improved: Message box for paid course.
    • Improved: Integration with WooCommerce - when student...
  5. 2.0.5

    • Added HTML preview for Raports.
    • Added ability to turn on/off social sharing icons.
    • Added check is safe_mode before call set_time_limit() function.
    • Added the action "coursepress_woocommerce_product_updated". This action has two variable $product_id and $course_id and is called after update product by CoursePress.
    • Added check is user logged before we show comment form in discussion module.
    • Added CoursePress Endpoints to Apperance -> Menu screen.
    • Added ability to...
  6. 2.0.4

    • Added ability to enroll, when we use course_join_button, but we are not logged.
    • Added sanitization of course id in "course_join_button" shortcode.
    • Added ability to save course state and exit.
    • Added filter "coursepress_unit_add_open_date" to allow display open unit date.
    • Added auto-creating missing directories for PDF certificates.
    • Added ability to show "Withdraw" link on [cp_pages page="student_dashboard"].
    • Added fields "Display Name", "Email" and "Registered" to...

    • Fixed: Fatal error thrown on older PHP version
  8. 2.0.3

    Version 2.0.3
    • Fixed a bug with deleting sections within modules.
    • Fixed "button" in shortcodes when not on courses list.
    • Fixed a bug with adding students to course in admin, when MarketPress or WooCommerce is used to sell courses.
    • Fixed problem with custom CoursePress login page.
    • Fixed a bug with pagination on course archive page.
    • Fixed a bug with custom certificate background.
    • Fixed a bug with available unit date for different languages then...
  9. 2.0.2

    • Fixed bug with class autoloder function.
    • Added better default CoursePress certificate.
    • Added "Settings" and "Support" links on WP plugins page.
    • Fixed a bug with import students to course when MarketPress is active.
    • Handle situation when student try to add comment to non existing module.
    • Fixed "Domain Name" for proper translation.
    • Added check to import json file.
    • Added confirmation popup when student withdraw from the course.
    • Fixed non-virtual student login...
  10. 2.0.1

    • Fixed: Chat module support for wordpress-chat plugin
    • Fixed: Module's unlimited retry attempts
    • Fixed: Language Internationalization
    • Fixed: compatibility issue with Market Press CSS covering course edit
    • Fixed: Student progress migration when Market Press is enabled
    • Fixed: Treegrid js error
    • Fixed: Units overview link
    • Updated WPMU dashboard
    • Updated included Market Press version 3.1.2