WPMU DEV - CoursePress Pro 2.1.5

CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.

Last Update:Mar 12, 2018      
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  1. 2.1.5

    Fixed: Added course categories information in the export file.
    Fixed: Check MarketPress integration to avoid warnings.
    Fixed: Mistakes in language strings.
    Fixed: Problem with the login form on small screens like mobile.
    Fixed: Show CoursePress Theme instructors box only when a course has at least one instructor.
    Fixed: Warnings on the "Grade" tab, when one of a module is a quiz.
    Fixed: Warnings when we use WooCommerce 3x.
    Improved: Added CoursePress version to export file.
  2. 2.1.4

    -Fixed: Course certificate email settings were hidden for nonpremium users.
    -Fixed: Discussion layout issue.
    -Fixed: Missing new instructor on instructors list.
    -Fixed: On a course structure show section without modules if "Show units without modules" is checked.
    -Fixed: PHP notices when try to edit not exited unit.
    -Fixed: Problem with display course sub-menu on the frontend.
    -Fixed: Show unit progress on admin panel.
    -Fixed: There was no ability to remove instructor.
    -Fixed: Typo in...
  3. 2.1.3

    • Fixed: Unit and Pages TinyMCE editor does not work after WordPress update to 4.9.
  4. 2.1.1

    • Improved: Added `editor-rtl.css` file.
    • Improved: Better display responsive video.
    • Improved: HTML login & signup forms.
    • Improved: Username sanitization.
    • Fixed: Assessments feedback sending problem.
    • Fixed: Compatibility with older PHP versions.
    • Fixed: CoursePress shortcode links are not working.
    • Fixed: Even the Discussion module is not "Required", you can't go to next section.
    • Fixed: Instructors capabilities problem on multisite installation.
    • Fixed:...

    • Fixed: Upgrading from 1x to 2x was broken.

    • Fixed: Compatibility with older PHP versions.
  7. 2.1

    • Added: Text color option for course certificate.
    • Added: Categories argument to [course_list] shortcode to filter courses.
    • Added: HTML rel attribute to next and previous buttons.
    • Added: Password strength meter on student profile
    • Added: The ability to disable the strength meter in the enrollment pup-up.
    • Added: Option to disable emails individually
    • Added: New filter: coursepress_comment_list_args to filter comments list arguments.
    • Added: New filter:...
  8. 2.0.7

    • Added: New "Paid" column on course list table.
    • Added: Email validation on CoursePress signup form.
    • Added: A sample course to fresh CoursePress installation.
    • Added: No visible units message info.
    • Added: Ability to sort by title for course_list shortcode.
    • Added: Instructors notification for new enrolled students.
    • Added: Text color option for basic certificate.
    • Improved: Description on settings page.
    • Improved: Compatibility with Avada theme....

    • Fixed: HTML and entities issue on unit editor.
    • Fixed: Preview button.

    • Fixed: Remove vulnerability to view any module.
    • Fixed: Prerequisite Courses problem with access to next course.