WPMU DEV - CoursePress Pro 2.1.5

CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.

Last Update:Mar 12, 2018      
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  1. 2.0.2

    • Fixed bug with class autoloder function.
    • Added better default CoursePress certificate.
    • Added "Settings" and "Support" links on WP plugins page.
    • Fixed a bug with import students to course when MarketPress is active.
    • Handle situation when student try to add comment to non existing module.
    • Fixed "Domain Name" for proper translation.
    • Added check to import json file.
    • Added confirmation popup when student withdraw from the course.
    • Fixed non-virtual student login page.
    • Removed fakepath file location in file upload.
    • Fixed student dashboard page.
    • Fixed warning message when user is logged out.
    • Fixed untranslated texts.
    • Added allow weak password registration.
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