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YITH WooCommerce Subscription Premium 1.5.4

YITH WooCommerce Subscription will remind your customers the actions to full fill

Updated at NF:Dec 6, 2018      
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  1. Apanha
    YITH WooCommerce Subscription.jpg

    Purchasing online services like hosting, coaching, courses or podcasts is nowadays a routine. These products have often something in common: they are purchasable with a subscription process. Do you know why?

    Selling products with a subscription lets you receive scheduled and constant payments, in order to supervise month by month the grow of your income; this is why big companies offer their products with this formula.

    • All features of the free version
    • Create a subscription plan also for physical and variable products
    • Users can pause subscriptions (for a certain number of times decided by administrators) and resume them postponing their expiration date
    • Recap subscription information in a page with:
      • Starting date
      • Expiration date
      • Details of the product of the subscription
      • Billing and shipping information
      • Orders of the subscription
    • Offer a trial period to users before subscribing to a plan
    • Ask for a sign-up fee when purchasing a subscription plan
    • Let users access contents even after the expiring date while you wait for their payment
    • Suspend access to content on the expiring date, without deleting the subscription
    • Users can find subscription information in their "My Account" page
    • Reactivate an expired subscription plan from "My Account" page
    • Automatic dispatch of an email for the following conditions:
      • Subscription plan is expiring
      • Payment has been made
      • Subscription plan has been cancelled
      • Subscription plan has been paused
      • Subscription plan has been resumed
    • 2 more coupons in addition to WooCommerce ones:
      • coupon for the sign-up fee
      • coupon for the monthly fee
    • Upgrade or downgrade a subscription plan (configurable in variable products)
    • Customize the "Add to Cart" label of the button
    • Show users the total duration of a subscription
    • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Stripe
    • Cancel subscription automatically if the associated order is cancelled
    • Suspend subscription automatically in case periodical payment fails
    • After three attempts failed using Stripe or PayPal, the subscription is automatically set to "Cancelled"
    • Postpone automatic status switch (for "active", "overdue" and "suspended" status) of a specific number of hours

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