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Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the Easiest Tool to Create Advanced Forms

Updated at NF:Mar 19, 2019 at 2:26 PM      
4.55556/5, 9 ratings


    - Updated the use of "title" attributes in HTML tags.
    - Fixed an issue with the next field ID in the form editor which doesn't recalculate when fields are added using the API. This fixes an issue when adding fields with the CLI and when adding Repeater fields.
    - API: Updated GFAPI::add_form() to return a WP_Error if the $form['fields'] is not set or is not an array.
    - API: Fixed an undefined offset notice which occurred when using GFAPI::add_entry() for a form containing a...

    - Updated the Canadian Provinces list to use "and" instead of ampersand for Newfoundland and Labrador.
    - Updated the minimum version of WordPress required for support to 5.0.
    - Updated form anchor to use <div> tag instead of <a>.
    - Fixed issue compatibility with 3rd party inline datepicker implementations.
    - Added gformInitSingleDatepicker() function and refactored gformInitDatepicker() to use it.
    - Added support for Invisible reCAPTCHA v2.
    - Fixed dismissible message not using the message...

    - Added the gform_is_valid_formula_form_editor JS filter allowing the formula validation result to be overridden in the form editor.
    - Fixed multiple forms being created when hitting enter on the submit button in the Create Form modal.
    - Updated usage of .screen-reader-text usage to be uniform with WordPress core.

    - Fixed a PHP notice which occurs when paging and a List type field is hidden by conditional logic.
    - Updated file deletion to not utilize WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL.
    - API: Fixed an issue with GFAPI:get_field() for sub fields of a Repeater field.
    - Fixed issue where default and dynamically populated values in Single Product, Single Shipping and HTML5 input types were not correctly reset when hidden by conditional logic.

    - Reverted conditional logic change in 2.4.6 which introduced performance issues for some form configurations.
    - AF: Fixed Payment Add-On feeds not deactivating when deleting a credit card field from form.

    - Added aria-describedby to single input fields including: Number, Phone, Post Title, Post Body, Post Excerpt and Post Custom Field.
    - Fixed an issue with the accessibility of the choice add and remove buttons in the form editor.
    - Fixed uploaded files remaining when File Upload fields are deleted from the form.
    - Fixed routing and conditional logic rules on notifications, confirmations, the submit and next buttons not being removed when the field is deleted from the form.
  7. 2.4.6

    - Added security enhancements.
    - Added maxlength attribute to fields using textarea inputs when maximum character count is defined.
    - Added the gform_field_validation filter to the Repeater field.
    - Added aria-describedby to some single input fields including: Consent, Text, Textarea, and Website.

    - Updated link in disable logging notice to immediately disable logging.
    - Updated the gform_post_export_entries action hook to include the export_id as the fifth parameter....

    - Added maxlength attribute to fields using textarea inputs when maximum character count is defined.
    - Fixed a fatal error which can occur when using GFFormsModel::media_handle_upload() to upload a video file to the media library.
    - Fixed an accessibility issue with the color contrast of the character counter on a white background.
    - Fixed character counter not announcing updated character limit to screen readers on fields with a maximum character count defined.
    - Fixed the replacement...

    - API: Fixed PHP warning during form submission if an invalid entry id is returned by the gform_entry_id_pre_save_lead filter.
    - API: Fixed an issue where existing values for registered entry meta could be lost when using the gform_entry_id_pre_save_lead filter to update an entry during form submission.
    - API: Added GFAPI::entry_exists() to check if an entry exists for the supplied ID.
    - Removed "Not Checked" rule for the consent field in conditional logic JS.
    - Fixed issue where...

    - Fixed an issue where use of some special characters, such as quotes, in the List field column label could prevent submission of the input value.
    - Fixed an issue with the Rich Text Editor height when the Paragraph or Post Body field is displayed by conditional logic.