Gravity Forms

- Fixed a PHP notice for $phpmailer->ErrorInfo in certain sites where a third-party plugin or custom function could be altering the $phpmailer object.
- Fixed front-end merge tag replacement returning values for fields in sections hidden by conditional logic.
- Fixed issue where [gform_input_change]( filter did not pass correct values for its parameters.
- Updated the gform_version_info option so autoload is disabled.
- Updated handling of sending notes and logging messages when no entry id is provided.
- Added the *[gform_logging_message]()* filter. Credit: Jamie Oastler.
- Fixed active and inactive form counts not updating when changing a form's active status.
- Fixed a corrupt confirmation being created for a form when all the confirmations have been deleted and there isn't a legacy confirmation (pre 1.7) to upgrade
- Fixed a JavaScript error when conditional logic based on the radio button field other input is evaluated.
- Fixed the form ID not being passed to the gform_phone_formats filter when the field settings are sanitized on form save.
- Fixed a PHP warning that would output if a notification is set to use conditional routing for the Send To address but no routing rules are defined.
- Removed the ability to set a placeholder in the settings UI for a consent field as the field does not use placeholders or the entered value anywhere.
- Added entry notes with the sending result as part of the notification sending process. These notes can be customized or disabled using the *[gform_notification_note]()* filter.
- API: Fixed inactive notifications not being sent when using the v2 POST /entries/[ENTRY_ID]/notifications endpoint with the _notifications arg.
- Fix an issue with the automatic update.
- Removed Members v1 integration. Members v2+ integration remains.
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