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Wp Rocket

Speed up your WordPress website with WP Rocket caching plugin.

Updated at NF:Jun 19, 2019      
4.83333/5, 12 ratings

  1. 2.10.10

    Fix: Google fonts concatenation could cause display issues in some cases
    Fix: White label was applied when it shouldn't
    Fix: Settings import was not working in some cases
  2. 2.10.9

    2.10.9 September 20, 2017
    • Fix: prevent google fonts being removed when combine google fonts option is active
    2.10.8 September 20, 2017
    • Enhancement: Add usqp query string to query strings to receive default cache (AMP compatibility)
    • Enhancement: Use different User agents for the different WP Rocket preloads to differentiate them
    • Fix: prevent conflict between Elementor and combine Google Fonts option
    • Fix: import...
  3. 2.10.7

    • Enhancement: automatically detect WP Offload S3 & Assets to deactivate the corresponding CDN options in WP Rocket
    • Enhancement: CDN URL is applied to internal images links
    • Enhancement: clear cache when changing values on Advanced Custom Fields options page
    • Enhancement: introduce rocket_remove_empty_lines filter to control removal of empty lines in htaccess
    • Bugfix: settings import now work correctly on Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome Windows
    • Bugfix: CDN rewrite for...
  4. 2.10.6

    2.10.6 July 17, 2017
    • Bugfix: cache was not working on Windows Servers and on custom configuration with symlinks
    • Bugfix: prevent CDN to be applied where it shouldn't when using wp_get_attachment_image_src()
    • Bugfix: don't exclude homepage from cache when WooCommerce cart/checkout/account page are set on the homepage
    • Bugfix: add a polyfill for the hash_equals() function to make it work on PHP < 5.6
    • Bugfix: prevent the common cache for logged-in users...
  5. 2.10.5

    • Enhancement: Feeds are no longer cached by default. They can be cached again by using the rocket_cache_reject_uri filter
    • Enhancement: Easy Digital Downloads purchase confirmation page is automatically excluded from cache
    • Bugfix: fix an issue preventing the cache from working for some configurations using subfolder
  6. 2.10.4

    2.10.4 22 June, 2017
    • Enhancement: Automatic compatibility with GeotargetingWP plugin
    • Enhancement: Elementor JS files are not longer automatically excluded from JS minication
    • Enhancement: WPML JS file is no longer moved to the footer
    • Bugfix: prevent potential issue when using the remove query strings option and the HTTP request fails
    • Bugfix: prevent conflict between remove query strings option and CDN
    • Bugfix: correctly activate the improved JS &...
  7. 2.10.3

    2.10.3 08 June, 2017
    • Regression fix: fix an incompatibility between Jetpack and WP Rocket preventing the cache from being served
    • Bugfix: modify class for flags displayed on WP Rocket admin menu when WPML is active to prevent any display issue with custom flags
    2.10.2 08 June, 2017
    • Regression Fix: correctly insert concatenated JS files in the footer
    • Regression Fix: correctly display the clear cloudflare cache button...
  8. 2.10

    • New: Option to load CSS files asynchronously and add the critical CSS to the header of the page
    • New: Option to defer loading of JS files
    • New: Minification and concatenation are now separate options
    • New: Option to disable WordPress embeds
    • Enhancement: Overhaul of our admin panel to make it clearer and simpler
    • Enhancement: Export WP Rocket options as JSON instead of gzip
    • Enhancement: Use more performant libraries for minification
    • Enhancement: Prevent warnings...
  9. 2.9.11

    2.9.11 05 April, 2017
    • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function jetpack_sitemap_uri() in .../inc/3rd-party/jetpack.php - Since Jetpack 4.8, the jetpack_sitemap_uri() function doesn't exists anymore. The Jetpack team is going to deprecated it in the 4.8.1.
  10. 2.9.1

    2.9.10 29 March, 2017
    • [PHP 5.2] Fix Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /inc/3rd-party/hosting/godaddy.php on line 117