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Enhancement: Save dynamic CSS/JS as static file when the only query string is the WP version
Enhancement: Require composer autoload only if it exists to improve compatibility with site wide composer installation
Enhancement: Exclude PDF from gzip
Enhancement: Apply lazyload on WPTouch version of the website
Bugfix: Prevent wrong URLs in some cases for CSS
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or url() after minification or remove query strings
Bugfix: Minification and remove query strings are correctly applied on languages other than the default one when using a multilingual plugin
Bugfix: Improve home path detection function to prevent some cases where the value was incorrect and prevented minification/remove query strings
Bugfix: Prevent the homepage from being excluded from cache when WPS Hide Login URL is empty
Bugfix: Clear cache when a post is updated via XML-RPC
Bugfix: Correctly add the htaccess rewrite rules when disabling mobile cache option without disabling specific cache for mobile option first
Bugfix: Correctly load critical CSS on taxonomy archive pages
Bugfix: Correctly auto-detect Yoast SEO 7 sitemap
Enhancement: Automatic compatibility Cookie Notice by dFactory plugin
Enhancement: Update Minify library to include latest improvements and bugfixes
Bugfix: Prevent Premium SEO Pack from rendering WP Rocket Settings Page inaccessible
Bugfix: Remove critical CSS from AMP pages to prevent validation error
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when analytics is activated and the type of web server could not be correctly detected
Enhancement: Add filter rocket_youtube_thumbnail_resolution to be able to modify the resolution of the Youtube Preview image
Enhancement: Add filter do_rocket_critical_css_generation to control the autogeneration of the critical CSS
Enhancement: Insert critical CSS before CSS files when combine CSS is active
Enhancement: Check for minified file existence earlier in the minify process to improve cache generation time
Enhancement: Prevent adding DNS prefetch on uncached pages
Bugfix: Correct an issue with rocket_realpath() on windows server which was preventing minification and remove query strings from working
Bugfix: Prevent some code to be displayed when optimize CSS delivery is active because the stylesheet tag contains special characters
Bugfix: Correctly apply remove query strings even when there is no file to minify
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP warning because of a wrongly named variable in 2.11.4
Bugfix: correctly apply sizes to image when lazyload is active
Bugfix: correctly process files for minification and remove query strings when content folder is outside the WordPress directory
  • Bug fix: Correctly apply JS minification/combine if there is no JS files in the header when combine option is active
  • Bug fix: Correctly display some embeds from Jetpack with lazy load for iframes option active
  • Bug fix: Correct conflict between Lazy Load and Cloudflare Rocket Loader
  • Bug fix: Correct display issue with Optimize CSS delivery if the CSS tag doesn't have any content after the file URL
  • Bug fix: Correctly save CSS/JS dynamic files as static files
  • 3rd party compatibility: Auto exclude s2member dynamic files from being saved as static files to prevent issues
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display warning if WP Super Minify is active at the same time as WP Rocket minification options
  • Bug fix: prevent a 404 on lazyload script if URL contains "-v"
  • Bug fix: correctly display initially hidden images when they come into view when lazyload is active. This should improve compatibility with sliders, tabs, accordions or carousels
  • Bug fix: Prevent PHP warning related to open_basedir on some servers
  • Bug fix: Correct required PHP version for Cloudflare feature in WP Rocket
  • Bug fix: Correctly pass the $item parameter to rocket_cpcss_job_request filter
  • Bug fix: Prevent display the full path to the file when using minification on a file without version query string
  • Bug fix: Prevent jQuery from being removed when using defer JS and minification without combine
  • Bug fix: Prevent PHP fatal error because of redeclared function in some cases
  • Bug fix: Prevent fatal error when WP Offload S3 and WP Offload S3 Assets are activated but disabled because not compatible with the new version of AWS plugin
  • Bug fix: Prevent error 500 on some hostings that don't support the Options in .htaccess
  • Bug fix: Prevent cache deletion not working on some multilingual installations
Enhancement: Prevent showing the directory listing in cache folder on a host which doesn't disable it by default
Fix: Prevent possible PHP warning on NGINX server when using the specific cache for mobile option
Fix: Prevent PHP notice when using CSS minification and PHP 7.1
Fix: Google fonts concatenation could cause display issues in some cases
Fix: White label was applied when it shouldn't
Fix: Settings import was not working in some cases
2.10.9 September 20, 2017
  • Fix: prevent google fonts being removed when combine google fonts option is active
2.10.8 September 20, 2017
  • Enhancement: Add usqp query string to query strings to receive default cache (AMP compatibility)
  • Enhancement: Use different User agents for the different WP Rocket preloads to differentiate them
  • Fix: prevent conflict between Elementor and combine Google Fonts option
  • Fix: import settings should be working correctly on all browsers
  • Fix: change the default lazyload placeholder for iframes to prevent alert in some browsers
  • Fix: when load css asynchronously is active, attach the noscript tags added to the close body tag instead of close html to prevent warning in W3C validator
  • Fix: correctly exclude jQuery from concatenation when defer JS safe mode is active on website with site_url() as a subfolder
  • Fix: exclude WooCommerce shipping class URLs from pages to purge to prevent a full domain clear instead of a partial one
  • Fix: limit maximum dimensions of custom flags in WP Rocket admin menu when using Polylang
  • Fix: correct placeholder for the htaccess warning message
  • Fix: prevent display of WP Rocket banner on plugin information when white label is active
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