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Porto Theme Install Size

For those of you who have NOT installed the Porto Theme, its about 256Mb!

That is because it loads ALL the slider demos as well - this dir is 239Mb by itself and you need it first if you want to see the different styles of sliders.... this makes the install/upgrade annoyingly and outrageously overlarge.

However... if you ALREADY have this theme installed,

There is a solution! ( and this for a site that ALREADY has an active Porto theme )
1) Open the zip file containing the upgrade theme
2) Navigate to inc>plugins>importer>data
3) Remove ALL the zip copies of the sliders
( * leaving only index.php - widget_data.json - and the dir Simple-line-icons )
4) Save the zip file with a new name and it drops to about 25Mb!!

Use that to "Upgrade" with..... much, much faster and way, way easier!
Also, for new installs, after the slider has been determined, all the unused ones take up space - just remove them as they are not being used anyway!
**PS they are a good resource to keep and use for other sliders on other themes that use the RevSlider - quite handy....

**A note to NF admins - this should be kept active for everyone, and should be attached to any Porto thread - to make life easier for users.....

Tip 2... for quicker setup
This one is for NEW installs
1) Open to the zip files as previously discussed
2) Remove the files as previously discussed
3) Install the theme and demos - it will not find the slider zips, but still will install the slider itself
4) The home pages will tell you what slider it needs
5) Open the RevSlider in the admin and "import" the slider from the install on your drive

This way you can install only whatever slider you need - and the main theme install upload is smaller, and the time it takes to do the install is similarly smaller
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There is an addendum to this - for the upgraders.....

Once Porto has been upgraded it will default to the main theme - make sure you change it back to the child...... !
Hi, i have install demo, activated all plugins...but wizard allow me only to installa MAIN DEMO...all others DEMOS report error "install all plugin".

I have installa main demo and after i have import manually "coffee's demo" but i have not slider...where can i find it???
With main demo system install only 4 sliders...not coffee's one

Tnx alot
Looking at the install zip there is a dir path

inc > plugins > importer > data

in that dir, there is a file coffee.zip

in that, there is a file called content.gz

in that , there is an xml file called content

looking at that, on 199, you'll find this....
<guid isPermaLink="false">http://sw-themes.com/porto_dummy/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/coffee_slide-1.jpg</guid>

What this tells me, is that the slider data is installed by the theme installer - when you say you "manually" installed the coffees demo - what do you mean by that?

Also... you installed the main demo system - thats not the coffee, so obviously its not going to have the coffee slider, its going to have the main demo slider.

Anyway, what you want, is in the content of the coffee zip file.
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