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WooCommerce Zapier Integration 2.0.7

Download WooCommerce Zapier Integration 2.0.7 from nulled fire. Bring the power of Zapier to WooCommerce. Integrate your store with more than 500 services to save time and increase productivity.
* Fix: Correctly handle authentication requests for complex passwords containing Double-quote (") or single-quote (') characters. The behaviour is now in-line with how WordPress core handles passwords internally. #377
* Change: Marked as compatible with WordPress 5.6.
* Change: Marked as compatible with WooCommerce 4.8.
* Full details: WooCommerce Zapier Version 2.0.6: PHP 8 Compatibility and More!
* New: Compatibility with PHP 8. #368
* Fix: Deprecated warning that occurs on PHP 8 for the `OM4\WooCommerceZapier\TaskHistory\Task` constructor. #368
* Change: Send `X-WordPress-GMT-Offset` HTTP header during webhook deliveries to Zapier to help improve date/time timezone conversion reliability in Zaps. #362
* Change: Improved handling of Task History messages so that they correctly show the trigger rule and View/Edit Zap link after the corresponding Zap has been turned off. #307
* Change: Improved Authentication error messages. PR #350
* Change: Marked as compatible with WooCommerce 4.7

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  • NulledFire.com is one of the most comprehensive repositories under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License v3.0 Free as in Freedom) that provides premium Plugins, Themes and PHP Scripts for testing purposes.
    We promote WP codes to the users globally so that you can check it before buying from the original developer/designer.

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